Teaching Ruby to High School Girls

Please post your comments here on my Teaching Kids article.

I wrote an article for the RailsBridge Teaching Kids site about my experience teaching Ruby to high school girls a few weeks ago. Go read it over there!

That site doesn’t have comments, though, so I’m linking back here because I’d like to hear […]

Women 2.0 Mixer in San Jose – Tonight!

Women 2.0’s OSCON mixer hits San Jose tonight! It’s free if you have an OSCON badge (and you can get an exhibit hall pass for free if you go by the convention center). Here are all the details.

I’ve been going to Women 2.0 events on an off for a couple of years. Most of […]

July/August Ruby workshop registration open!

Registration is now open for the free Ruby workshop for women that Sarah Allen and I are running at the end of July. Please RSVP soon – the last workshop filled up less than 3 days after registration opened.


This is a two-day event open to total programming novices, system administrators, and […]

Why childcare matters at tech events

A few weeks ago, I co-hosted a Ruby on Rails workshop for women in San Francisco. High on my list of requirements, even before free lunch, was available childcare.

In the spirit of doing the simplest thing that could possibly work, I implemented it as my husband in a mildly baby-proofed conference room with a […]

August Workshop Dates Confirmed!

Pivotal Labs will be hosting our next workshop on July 31st and August 1st – that’s Friday evening and Saturday all day.

The format will be similar to our first workshop: Friday night is a mixer and installfest. Attendees bring their laptops, and, with the help of our volunteers, install anything they’re missing to run […]

Post-Workshop Hack Session July 1st

For those of you who attended the June workshop, or wish you had, come join me on July 1st for a hack session at Citizen Space.

If you haven’t been to a hack session before, make this your first! A hack session is unstructured time to work on a project or learn something new […]

The First Rails Workshop

Two months ago, Sarah Allen and I started planning a Ruby on Rails outreach workshop for women. Our goal: each participant leaves with a fully-functional development environment, a working application, and some space online to show off their work.

As we got into it we realized it was really, really ambitious. But I am profoundly […]

Heroku on Windows

Next month, 80 people with laptops are going to show up and expect me to teach them something about Rails. I want them to see the app they’re writing on the web, but I only have six hours in the workshop (including lunch!) and deployment could easily take that much time by itself. Apache and […]

My drop in the bucket

Since I got into computer science in college, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and talking and reading about the gender imbalance in computing. I’ve decided it’s time for me to help fix the problem.

So I’ll be offering a free workshop in San Francisco to reach out to women who want to learn […]

Nginx and subdomains on Engine Yard

System administration and setup are my least favorite part of any project. Today I wanted to set up a wiki on a subdomain – wiki.groupname.com. The main site, a blog, is hosted on an Engine Yard slice that runs nginx. Since I’m usually more of an apache aficionado, I thought I’d note the process.

Request […]