Hi, there. :)

Sarah Mei

I am a Ruby and JavaScript developer based in San Francisco, California. I run a software consulting company called Ministry of Velocity, which is super fun. I spend most of my time on the floor at client companies, pairing with their developers, and helping level up their teams.

I’ve written here about my experiences pair programming¬†while I was at Pivotal Labs, and also my approach to testing. But my most popular article, by a huge margin, is about the dangers of shiny new technology.

Obligatory links to my Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn pages.


I founded RailsBridge in 2009 with Sarah Allen. We run free two-day workshops for women who want to learn Ruby on Rails. We’ve done over 100 events that have reached over 2000 women. Most of the workshops are in and around San Francisco, but we have active RailsBridge organizers in many other places too. Check out the workshop calendar for details.

Contacting Me

The best way to get ahold of me is on Twitter. If you’re feeling old skool, though, you can email me at (my Twitter name) @ gmail. Be warned that I am very bad at email.