Women 2.0 Mixer in San Jose – Tonight!

Women 2.0’s OSCON mixer hits San Jose tonight! It’s free if you have an OSCON badge (and you can get an exhibit hall pass for free if you go by the convention center). Here are all the details.

I’ve been going to Women 2.0 events on an off for a couple of years. Most of their events have focused on the business side of startups and entrepreneurship – at a wine & cheese mixer last year, I was the only developer in the room! But they are expanding their charter to include technical women, and particularly technical women as startup co-founders. If you’re interested in the small-company experience, or maybe even in launching your own, this is great opportunity to network with some amazing and energetic people who are out there doing it.

This is W2.0’s first technically-focused event, and their first event in San Jose too. Register here, and if you need a ride from San Francisco, leave a comment – I’m in the South Park area.

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