Why Rails is Still a Ghetto

(With apologies to Zed.)

A few of the talks at GoGaRuCo were crowdsourced – anyone who wanted to talk about anything put their title and description up on Uservoice. Folks who registered got 10 votes each, and the top vote-getting talks were accepted and scheduled.

Out of this came “CouchDB: Perform Like a Pr0n Star” from Matt Aimonetti.

I voted for it, actually, because CouchDB is one of those things that’s the new hotness and I haven’t had a chance to play with it, and besides, he wouldn’t actually put porn in the slides. Right?

The first slide of Matt's slide deck

The first slide of Matt's slide deck (he has removed the full deck from slideshare)


Well, once he figured out that it was a problem, he’d acknowledge the error and we could move on. Right?


Well, surely the fearless leader of Rails wouldn’t actually condone it.

Hey, I’ve got a crazy idea, let’s make sure everyone puts porn in their slides at Railsconf!

Hey. That was a joke. A JOKE!

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